Motion control products


Key Features
● 1-axis control
● 1-axis interpolation control
● Multi-axis linear interpolation control using multiple units
● Continuous drive control
● Linear/S-curve acceleration/deceleration (asymmetry possible)
● Automatic deceleration stop
● Multi-axis synchronous start
● 1-pulse/2-pulse/2-phase pulse output
● Triangular drive avoidance
● Manual pulsar control
● Input signal digital filter
● Limit signal stop
● Software limit stop
● Step-out detection by deviation amount calculation

TMC1100 is a single-axis motion control IC that can be controlled by a high-level CPU, 8-bit or 16-bit bus, or clock- synchronous serial interface. The clock-synchronized serial interface, which is designed for mounting inside motor drivers and motors, enables the construction of original field networks. Up to 64 pcs can be connected to the same serial bus. TMC1100 also provides various functions such as a counter function, interrupt generation function, synchronous start function, and override function. The package is 10×10mm, 0.8mm pitch 121 Pin FPBGA assuming mounting inside motor drivers and motors. Despite its small size, the 0.8 mm pitch package has a low incidence of surface mounting defects.