Motion control products


Key Features
●  4-axis control
●  Linear interpolation Max.4-axis
●  Optional 2-axis CW/CCW circular interpolation
●  Circular interpolation constant peripheral speed control
●  Continuous interpolation control
●  Simultaneous control of independent drive and interpolation drive
●  Multi-chip control
●  Linear/S-curve acceleration/deceleration (asymmetry possible)
●  Automatic deceleration stop
●  Multi-axis synchronous start
●  1-pulse/2-pulse/2-phase pulse output
●  Triangular drive avoidance
●  Manual pulsar control
●  Input signal digital filter
●  Limit signal stop
●  Software limit stop
●  Step-out detection by deviation amount calculation

TMC8100 is a 4-axis motion control IC that is connected to a host CPU via an 8-bit or 16-bit bus and provides independent positioning control of pulse trains to servo motors and stepping motors, and linear interpolation for up to 4-axis/arc interpolation trajectory control for any 2-axis. Independent positioning control and linear interpolation/ circular interpolation trajectory control can be performed simultaneously. TMC8100 also provides various functions such as a counter function, interrupt generation function, synchronous start function, and over ride function.  The package is 14×14mm, 0.8mm pitch 220 Pin FPBGA. Despite its small size, the 0.8 mm pitch package has a low incidence of surface mounting defects.