Motion control products


MCX514 is 4-axis motion control IC which connects to CPU with 8/16-bit or I2C serial interface bus and can control either a stepper motor driver or pulse type servo driver for position and speed. MCX514 can perform linear interpolation, circular interpolation, helical interpolation
and bit pattern interpolation driving, selecting an arbitrary 2, 3 or 4-axis of 4 axes. In addition, multichip axes linear interpolation of more than 5-axis can be performed by using several these ICs.
MCX514 has no multiple of speed(Range Setting)to set the drive speed. This will enable us to freely set the speed from 1pps up to 8Mpps in increments of 1pps.

■2/3/4-axis linear interpolation ■CW/CCW circular interpolation
■Bit pattern interpolation ■Helical interpolation 
■Short axis pulse equalization mode for interpolation 
■2-axis high accuracy constant vector speed mode 
■Multichip interpolation ■Speed range free 
■Automatic deceleration of non-symmetrical trapezoidal acceleration/deceleration 
■Parabolic S curve/trapezoidal acceleration/deceleration driving 
■Automatic home search ■Split pulse ■I2C serial interface bus
■Synchronous action 4sets/axis ■Timer 1set/axis

■Maximum drive speed 8Mpps (When CLK is 20MHz, maximum speed is 10Mpps.)
■Package size 144 pin QFP 20×20mm 0.5mm pitch
■Power voltage:3.3V±10%


■Speed range free
MCX514 has no speed multiple, speed can be set 1pps unit.
This IC can change the speed directly from low speed, 1pps, 2pps to high speed pulse like 1Mpps during driving.

■ Helical interpolation
In addition to linear and circular, helical interpolation can be executed which drives another axis synchronous with circular interpolation on X,Y surface. Example of multiple rotation of helical interpolation in the above figure.

■8 stages of pre-buffer for continuous interpolation
8 steps pre-buffer registers are equipped to execute high speed continuous interpolation driving. Continuous interpolation can be executed if there is short segment like Seg.3 in the above figure, when average drive time of 8 segments is longer than position data set time of next segment.

■ Linear interpolation with multi-chip
Multi-axis linear interpolation with 5 or more axes can be executed by connecting multiple MCX514.

■Short axis pulse uniform mode of interpolation
In 2-axis linear interpolation driving, axis which drives longer (long axiskeeps to output pulses continuously. Meanwhile, axis which drives shorter (short axissometimes outputs pulses by interpolation calculation result and sometimes does not. MCX514 has short axis pulse uniform function. For short axis, drive pulses are output making pulse interval uniform as much as possible.

■2-axis high accuracy constant vector speed mode
Besides existing constant vector speed mode, MCX514 has 2-axis high accuracy constant vector speed mode which is significantly improved constant vector speed mode. Short axis pulse uniform mode and 2-axis high accuracy constant vector speed mode are used together in 2-axis linear interpolation, circular interpolation and helical interpolation, speed deviation of vector speed is ±0.2% or less. Drastic accuracy improvement of speed in interpolation driving is expected.

■I2C serial interface bus
In addition to 8/16bit data bus, MCX514 can connect to the master CPU with I2C serial interface bus. Max 8pcs of MCX514 can be connected to one interface bus.

Split pulse
This is the function which outputs split pulse during driving. Synchronizing an axis's movement, various kinds of actions can be performed in specified intervals. By combining the split pulse output and the synchronous action, start/stop split pulse from a specified position and split length and pulse width can be changed by external signal input.