Motion control products


MCX501 is 1-axis motion control IC which can control either stepper motor driver or pulse type servo motor for position and speed control and can perform trapezoidal/smooth S-curve driving as acceleration/deceleration drive. MCX501 has no multiple of speed(Range Setting)to set the drive speed. This will enable us to freely set the speed from 1pps up to 8Mpps in increments of 1pps.

  • Speed range free 
  • Various acceleration/deceleration driving mode
  • Various synchronous actions
  • Built in timer
  • Split pulseNew!
  • Automatic home search
  • Integral input filter built-in
  • Maximum drive speed 8Mpps (When CLK is 20MHz, maximum speed is 10Mpps.)
  • Package size 64 pin QFP 10×10mm 0.5mmピッチ
  • Power voltage:3.3V±10%


■Speed range free
MCX514 has no speed multiple, speed can be set 1pps unit.
This IC can change the speed directly from low speed, 1pps, 2pps to high speed pulse like 1Mpps during driving.

Split pulse
This is the function which outputs split pulse during driving. Synchronizing an axis's movement, various kinds of actions can be performed in specified intervals. By combining the split pulse output and the synchronous action, start/stop split pulse from a specified position and split length and pulse width can be changed by external signal input.