Motion control products

MC8022P (2 axis) / MC8042P (4 axis) / MC8082P (8 axis)

MC8022P/MC8042P is a PCI-bus compliant PC/AT compatible circuit board equipped with 4-axis motion control IC “MCX304".
It can independently control 2/4-axis of either stepper motor or
pulse type servo motor for position and speed controls. 

MC8022P: 2-axis Motion Control Board MC8042P: 4-axis Motion Control Board 


・ Control axis : MC8022P 2-axis, MC8042P 4-axis, MC8082P 8-axis 
・ Drive speed : 1 to 4 PPS
・ Output : Pulse (Line-driver)
・ Symmetry/asymmetry trapezoidal acceleration/decelation drive, S-curve acceleration/decelation drive
・ Auto home position
・ Windows XP / Vista with device driver and sample program