Motion control products

MR210AU / MR220AU

MR210AU/220AU is a motion control unit equipped with 2-axis motion control IC, “MCX302”. This unit can control one or two axes of either stepper motor or pulse type servo motor for position and speed controls.
Users can program driving parameter values and position data of up to 64 steps for each axis on a built-in EEPROM. MR210AU controls 1-axis and MR220AU controls 2-axis.

Programmable function

User can program driving parameter values and position data (relative or absolute value can be set.) of up to 64 steps for each axis on a built-in EEPROM with an accessory communication cable. Position data which is programmed can be operated through parallel interface and serial communication port. Four (4) types of driving speed is selectable for position data of each axis. Program control commands such as jump, repetition and input condition jump are applied, so it makes users program efficiently for memory.

Serial control interface

Writing and editing programs from PC and manual operation for each axis is operated through USB and RS232C serial communication port on Windows. Or these are also possible from an optional remote box, MR200RB, directly connect to RS232C port of MR210AU/220AU without PC. Users can control MR210AU/220AU by Microsoft VB and VC programs which are made by themselves according to a serial communication commands. (Serial communication commands are prepared by an additional document.)

Parallel control interface

MR210AU/220AU can connect to PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) through parallel I/F, any position data can be activated at designated speed. Scanning drive, continuous drive and program execution are also possible.